Seven Steps to Bodhicitta


Seven Steps to Bodhicitta: How to Develop Altruistic Compassion Through the Seven Causes and Effects
May 16 – June 13, 2023 (5 weeks)
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 PM MST
In-Person & Zoom
By Donation
(Suggested $25 – $75)

Spiritual Director Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe welcomes new and returning students to join him for a new 5-week course, Seven Steps to Bodhicitta: How to Develop Altruistic Compassion Through the Seven Causes and Effects. This course will take you on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, inner peace, and profound compassion.

Throughout this 5-week course, students will:

  1. Delve into the foundational principles of Tibetan Buddhism, understanding the importance of compassion and the interconnectedness of all beings.
  2. Discover the power of mindfulness and meditation as tools for personal growth, self-awareness, and mental well-being.
  3. Learn the Seven Causes and Effects, a step-by-step process to develop altruistic compassion towards all sentient beings, including yourself.
  4. Engage in guided meditation sessions and group discussions to enhance your learning experience and foster a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  5. Receive expert instruction directly from our Spiritual Director, Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe.

This immersive and enlightening course will guide you through the Seven Causes and Effects that lead to the cultivation of altruistic compassion.

The Seven Steps to Bodhicitta course is designed for individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you are new to Buddhism or a seasoned practitioner, this series will provide you with valuable insights and practical techniques to deepen your understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and cultivate a compassionate, awakened heart.


We are offering this 5-week course by donation. As a not-for-profit society, we greatly appreciate your donation. It will be used to sustain our society and support our Spiritual Director, so that we may continue to offer quality programming. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Donations can be made at the Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Mediation Society’s Canada Helps page using the link below. Donations can be made under the “General Programming & Operations” heading. Please note the name of the course (Great Scope) in the “Include a message for this charity” box. Please contact the office at [email protected] if you require assistance.

The suggested donation for this course is $25 – $75. Thank you!


Please register by Friday, May 12. The Zoom link will be sent by Monday, May 15.


This course will be held at the Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation, 11403-101 Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 2A9. Students are welcome to attend in person or online via Zoom.


For your convenience, all registered students will receive the Zoom link to the course. Members will have access to class recordings. Not a member? Join today!


We are using Zoom meetings to provide the Teachings and events online. We are recording these Zoom livestream events as videos. We may offer these videos online through our Membership Portal.

If you do not wish to have your face recorded during the Zoom livestream events, please turn off your camera.  If you have questions regarding how we are protecting personal information, please see our website at the link below. 

Privacy Policy and Notification of Photos and Videos – Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society (


Please note photos and videos may be taken for promotional purposes. Our Privacy Contact is Andrew Patton, 780-479-0014, [email protected].


Please note that we will be abiding by the current provincial guidelines regarding masking and physical distancing requirements. If you are feeling unwell, we kindly ask that you attend class virtually and join us in-person when you are not symptomatic.

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