Gaden Samten Ling's Privacy Policy is straight forward: Any information you provide us with is kept strictly confidential. Contact information provided is used solely for the purposes described when obtained - i.e. notification of special events, web postings, schedule changes, volunteer opportunities, and issuing of tax receipts for donations.  We do not allow other organizations access to our membership list.  Only those Board and Committee members of Gaden Samten Ling who are responsible for notifying individuals concerning special events, web postings, schedule changes, volunteer opportunities and issuing tax receipts for donations, or who are responsible for updating our membership or newsletter notification list, have access to contact information.

See Privacy Policy (click here)

Please note that photos and videos may be taken during the Society’s activities for promotional purposes. Images may be posted electronically (e.g. website or Facebook page) or printed (e.g. brochure). If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our Privacy Contact, Peggy Lipinski, at 780-479-0014, or [email protected]

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