Board of Directors – Clearwater Retreat, 2023

Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society is a non-profit organization, incorporated under Alberta’s Societies Act with the following objects:

(a) To advance, disseminate, practice and celebrate the teachings, philosophy and study of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation, in particular that of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Ganden Tripa tradition of the Gelugpa lineage;

(b) To provide religious and educational programs, retreats, meditations, knowledge and teachings in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy as noted in a) and Tibetan language, culture and religion;

(c) To establish a meditation centre and such other facilities and to do such other necessary acts and things as may be consistent with the achievement and advancement of the aforementioned objects.

The Society is governed by Bylaws registered under the Societies Act (click here for the Bylaws), and by policies established by the Board (for example, click here for the Privacy and Access to Information Policy). The Board meets monthly and has eight Directors, in the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and four Directors at Large. In addition, there are currently six non-voting Honorary Board Advisory Members.

Board of Directors – Board Retreat, 2023

Board of Directors

Sarah Pearce – President
Sam Chapdelaine – Vice President (and Chair, Facility Maintenance Committee)
Jeremy Berg – Treasurer (and Chair, Finance Committee)
Gillian Patton – Secretary (and Chair, Governance Committee)
Timmie Horvath – Director at Large (and Chair, Communications Committee)
Sheila Draper – Director at Large (and Chair, Fundraising Committee)
Andrea Ibarra – Director at Large (and Chair, SOS Committee)
Catherine Denys – Director at Large

Honorary Advisory Board Members

Mavis Booker
Philip Naude
Jodi Gulka
Germaine St. Paul
Marissa Wohllebe (Ani Tenzin Dronsel)

About the Board

The Board has established several standing committees, with varying numbers of members and meetings, to oversee the operations of the Society and the Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation:

The Communications and Programming Committee, chaired by Timmie Horvath, develops effective communications strategies for the Society, and is responsible for all media relations, advertising, and social media management. The Committee develops the Society’s rich and varied programming of courses, retreats, and events.

The Facility Maintenance Committee, chaired by Sam Chapdelaine, provides an environment conducive to the development of all Society members and visitors. They act as caretakers of the Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation – our spiritual home, and treat it and all it contains as sacred.

The Finance Committee, chaired by Jeremy Berg, oversees the finances of the Society.

The Fundraising Committee, chaired by Sheila Draper, carries out fundraising initiatives for the Society, and researches and applies for grants for which the Society may be eligible.

The Governance Committee, chaired by Gillian Patton, oversees the functioning of the Society through appropriate Bylaws and policies, and in compliance with applicable legislation.

The Membership Committee, Chaired by Gillian Patton, looks after Society members and membership issues.

The Office Team, chaired by Gillian Patton, Office Manager, administers the operation of the office of the Society located in the Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation, and deals with Society membership and program registration. Gillian Patton, Chair, Office Team/Office Manager.

The Support our Sangha (SOS) Committee, chaired by Andrea Ibarra, facilitates optimal use of volunteer resources.

In addition, there are Retreat/Event Coordinating Committees that organize and oversee our retreats (such as Calm Abiding Retreats and Shantideva Retreats) and events (such as the annual Tibetan Bazaar cultural festival, and visits by Tibetan teachers and monasteries).

The Society is run solely by volunteers. It is the dedication and devotion of Society members to our Spiritual Director and the Society that make it possible to administer the activities of our expanding membership and ever-increasing program of activities. By serving on the Board and Committees, Society members take responsibility for the happiness and welfare of others and thus have the opportunity to put into practice the mind-training teachings that we study regularly. These opportunities to serve are a rich and rewarding part of being a Society member.

If you are interested in becoming a Society member, please read our Membership Policy (click here) and  Code of Conduct (click here), and then complete our Membership Application Form (click here). Please contact the Society office if you have any questions.

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