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Tara Statue Sponsorship Fundraiser for Members

Kushok Lobsang Dhamchoe is pleased to offer our members, who wish to be closer to Tara, a precious and golden opportunity to increase their virtuous merit that brings permanent, long- lasting happiness. If the benefits of this opportunity had a form, they would not fit in this universe. This opportunity does not manifest for everyone, and in every life, so if you are able to commit your mind, body, time, and resources to Tara you will be rewarded immensely.

Kushok has acquired 20 Green Tara statues for Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society with the combined goal to benefit others and to raise funds for our Society’s future endeavours.

The Tara statues are six inches in height including a mantra within and have been consecrated by a Tibetan Monastery in Nepal. They are made of copper and have a beautiful gold face. If you choose to sponsor a Tara, the statue will remain on the shrine at Centre. This way, every time someone makes prostrations, meditates, and circumambulates at the Centre, sponsors and their families will receive the powerful benefits of these practices.

Tara is the primary female deity in Tibetan Buddhism, and has 21 emanations (The 21 Taras). Green Tara is her principal emanation; she is a dynamic and fast-acting deity, who is able to overcome all obstacles and is therefore often prayed to by, and for, those in great need. Tara also removes obstacles on the path to enlightenment, and on a material level, Green Tara can bring success in one’s work and personal life. Those wishing to deepen their connection to Tara may wish to receive a Green Tara Empowerment which would enable them to practice the Green Tara Sadhana in full (self-generation), significantly increasing their benefit from the practice.

The benefits of sponsoring a Tara are immeasurable. This is a very rare and opportune chance for members to support our Society, their families, and many others. We are therefore asking for a contribution of $1000 to sponsor one of these Taras. We offer the following payment plan options: one lump sum payment, 10 monthly payments, or 5 monthly payments.

Please use the PayPal buttons below to sponsor a Tara Statue today – payment plan options are available. If you are unable to sponsor online please contact the office. Please note that sponsoring a Tara statue will not qualify for a tax receipt.

Click here for more information about membership. Thank you for your support of Kushok’s goal and our Society.

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