Edmonton Tibetan Bazaar - Virtual Summit - Online Dharma Talks, Tibetan Cultural Videos, and Online Shopping

Join us for the 28th Annual Tibetan Bazaar 
Virtual Summit Access Begins September 19, 2020
Virtual Pop-Up Shop Launches September 12, 2020

CLICK HERE to request to join the Facebook Group (Virtual Pop-Up Shop)

We are selling Momos by the bag! There are 20 in each bag, and they are pre-cooked and frozen (just heat and serve). Please use the links below to purchase, and contact our office to arrange pick-up.

This year, we are excited to present our 2020 Tibetan Bazaar as a VIRTUAL event!

Inspired by our success and the wonderful feedback that we’ve received from our Virtual Classes, we are offering a Tibetan cultural experience and Dharma teachings in the form of a Virtual Summit.

 The Summit will include access to a library of unique online teachings and presentations including: Dharma Talks by Kushok (Live and Pre-recorded), a Momo-Making Video Workshop, and Tibetan Dance Performances. We will also have special guest speakers and contributions from monasteries in India.

Tickets to the Tibetan Bazaar Virtual Summit are $45 and include over 3 months of unlimited streaming access, starting on September 19, 2020, until December 31, 2020.

In order to stay true to the Bazaar experience, we will be selling Meat & Vegetarian Momos (Tibetan Dumplings) in bags of 20 (just heat and serve!), and we will also offer online shopping from our Society’s Bookstore from September 12 to 20. Information about additional potential vendors will be shared as it becomes available.

We look forward to continuing our wonderful tradition of sharing Tibetan culture and Buddhism with you through our new virtual platform.

Everyone with an interest in Tibetan culture, food, shopping, musical entertainment, and arts and crafts.

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