Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Sponsorship Program


By sponsoring a Shakyamuni Buddha Statue you accumulate great merit which becomes the cause of enlightenment for yourself, your loved ones and all who attend Gaden Samten Ling. This mode of merit collection was taught by Shakyamuni Buddha himself. The statue is dedicated to a loved one/s of your choice and kept in the shrine room at Gaden Samten Ling. Because the statue is in the shrine room, it receives many offerings, prostrations, prayers and meditations on a daily basis. Those with a statue thus receive double the merit. This is a lovely tradition which facilitates great merit and a faster journey towards enlightenment.

All are welcome to purchase a Statue for $1000. This 6 inch Gold Statue will live on the shrine at Gaden Samten Ling. Dedicate it to anyone you wish – your parents, children, sibling, even a loved one who has passed on.

Please take advantage of this generous opportunity Kushok Lobsang Dhamchoe organized. By sponsoring a Buddha statue you create a connection with the Buddha and bring blessings and merit to yourself, families, friends, home and Dharma family. Consult with Kushok if you’re interested.

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