An Invitation to Membership


Tashi Delek to all members and friends of Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society!

Our Spiritual Director, Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe, and the Board of Directors would like to invite you to become a member of our Society, or to renew your membership.

Membership in our Society gives us a sense of belonging to a welcoming community that supports our spiritual growth. Kushok teaches us that through our Dharma practice our Society is united, and through our Dharma service we share in the responsibility to take care of, and to help grow the Society for the benefit of generations to come.

As part of the membership application process, please see the following attachments (follow links on text):

    1. Policy 12.1 Membership Eligibility, Privileges, and Responsibilities with Appendix A: Membership Matrix of Criteria, Privileges, and Responsibilities (click here)
    2. Policy12.2 Society Members’ Code of Conduct and Discipline (click here)
    3. 2019 Membership Application Form (click here). To register online (click here)

Prospective members are asked to complete the following

  1. Contemplate your Dharma practice and Dharma service commitment.
  2. Refer to Appendix A to Policy 12.1: Membership Matrix of Criteria, Privileges, and Responsibilities for details and explanations of the three membership categories (Lotus, Jewel, Vajra).
  3. Self-select the membership category that best represents your desired relationship with the Society. (Please note that Vajra membership is at Kushok’s invitation. Prospective new Vajra members are encouraged to approach Kushok to discuss their membership before submitting their membership application form).
  4. Print and complete the 2019 Membership Application Form, and return it to the Society’s office by December 31, 2018. Please remember that you must be a current member to receive members’ only correspondence and any benefits applicable to your category of membership, e.g. use of library and discounts. To register online, click here.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me, or any of the following, before or after activities, or through the Society Office: Gillian Patton (Office Manager); Andrew Patton (Vice-President); Peggy Lipinski (Secretary).

Thank you for considering membership in Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society.

May the benefit extend to you and all sentient beings.

Philip Naudé


Gaden Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Society

11403 – 101 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5G 2A9


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